The Modern App Server

The job of an application server is to be the infrastructure that runs your application.

  • They deploy and manage your software.
  • They route it http requests.
  • They manage SSL certificates.
  • They isolate your application from the supporting infrastructure.

But, modern applications are so much more than what can run in Node.JS or Tomcat or IIS – they are a combination of many services across many technologies that all must work together as one.

Ruckstack provides all the traditional benefits of an application server, but for ALL your services regardless of technology – even for the 3rd party services that are part of your complete application.

Now your ENTIRE stack can be managed and ran so you can focus on creating YOUR application.

But Wait! There’s More!

Simply serving an application is not enough anymore. Uptime is a vital part of any system, and uptime is hard to preserve in a customer environment.

The customer provides the server hardware, but often does not have the resources or expertise to monitor it for issues or react to problems as they occur.
You know how to fix their problems, but do not have the access to catch them or even respond to them in a timely manner.

Ruckstack’s built-in monitoring and management system is your first line of defense in preserving uptime. It ensures your services are available and healthy and will attempt to self-heal when it detects problems.