Built for ISVs

Developing commercial software has always been a balancing act between how you want to develop your app and what you can reasonably install.

  • Your technology choices and library versions are driven by what you can rely on being on the provided servers.
  • You want to leverage cloud technology, but your customers use different providers and/or require on-prem installs.
  • You would like to rely on external servers, but that is one more system that must be installed and managed.
  • You want to break your monolithic system into smaller, independent units but that is more complexity in the install.
  • You want to rely on OS-level tooling, but you can’t depend on what will be there in your target environment.

With Ruckstack, you can develop your application however you need without worry about deployment time issues.

It starts with container technology to package and bundle your services into isolated and self-sufficient units. That means you can install your software on any system without worrying about conflicts or missing dependencies.

Then, it wraps those containers into an easy-to use and completely contained installer which you can ship to your customers.

What gets installed is a completely you-branded system which can be confidently installed on ANY Linux server no matter what tools and technologies you want to use.