Ops Application


Your server includes an “Ops” application available at /ops.

The job of ops is to provide a browser-based administration system for your application.

The base ops page is publicly available and includes a high-level status of the application plus the contact information you provided in your project file.

Pro users are provided with an option to log into the Ops application for more detailed information.

Managing Ops Users (Pro Only)

The ops application maintains its own set of users using the server’s ops command group

  • /path/to/your/executable ops add-user
  • /path/to/your/executable ops delete-user
  • /path/to/your/executable ops list-users

Without a pro license installed in your builder, the server’s CLI will have no ops command group.

Ops Dashboard (Pro Only)

With a server build with a pro license, you are able to log into the ops dashboard using users created with the add-user command listed above.

The ops dashboard provides a more detailed breakdown of the health of the system, as well as links to the Kubernetes and Traefik dashboards

Kubernetes Dashboard (Pro Only)

The standard Kubernetes dashboard provides an extensive view into the underlying Kubernetes system.

WARNING: the Kubernetes dashboard allows reconfiguration of the system, which provides both power and danger. Be careful of who you provide /ops access to.

Traefik Dashboard (Pro Only)

The standard traefik dashboard provides health metrics on the http routing system used in your server.

Coming Soon (Pro Only)

In future releases, look for exciting expansions of the ops application!

Have suggestions on what to add? Let us know