Server Installation and Upgrade

The build process will create an executable installer file.

Copy the installer to your server and execute it as root (usually through sudo). The installer will prompt you for any needed install-time configuration values.

Install Path Path to install your software to
Admin Group Existing OS group which will be given read/write/execute access to the installation files
Bind Address IP Address the server will bind to.

System Requirements

  • Linux OS (almost any flavor)
  • 250M free RAM + whatever RAM your services require
  • 500M free drive space + whatever drive space your services require
  • Other dependencies: NONE


To upgrade the system, run /path/to/your/executable upgrade --file /path/to/your-software.installer.


The system can be uninstalled from a server with /path/to/your/executable uninstall.

This will remove all software as well as reset any network changes made.