Project File


The main Ruckstack configuration file is a yaml formatted text file that configures your overall project.

The default file name is ruckstack.yaml.

Required Fields

id Identifier key for your application. Used as the default for filenames, and internal descriptors. Must be lower case alphanumeric (also allows “_” and “-“).
name Complete name of your application. Used in help documentation and output messages. Should be correctly capitalized and spaced as you prefer.
version Overall version of your application.

Optional Fields

helmVersion Version of helm to include. Defaults to the Ruckstack tested version.
k3sVersion Version of k3s to include. Defaults to the Ruckstack tested version.
managerFilename What to name the server management binary on the installed system. Defaults to the “id” value above.

Service Sections

Each service you want to package must have a corresponding service section.

  1. “Dockerfile” Services
  2. “Helm” Services
  3. “Manifest” Services

Each will have similar but different fields to define

Complete Example

id: example
name: Example Project
version: 1.0.5
managerFilename: example-manager

  - id: homepage
    dockerfile: homepage/Dockerfile
    port: 8080
    baseUrl: /

  - id: cart
    dockerfile: cart/Dockerfile
    port: 8080
    baseUrl: /cart

  - id: mariadb
    chart: stable/mariadb
    version: 7.3.9
    port: 3306