Helm Services

A Helm based service allows you to use an existing Helm chart as a service.

Helm charts are pre-packaged images + configurations that let you start using standard components like databases or messaging systems right out of the box.

Finding a Helm Chart

The easiest way to find Helm charts is through hub.helm.sh/.

You can find thousands of charts across multiple different repositories. NOTE: when in doubt, use the “stable” repository.

Ruckstack Helm CLI

Ruckstack includes a simple client for managing your local Helm repository configuration under the helm group.

ruckstack helm repo add Adds a new named repository to your local configuration
ruckstack helm repo remove Removes an existing named repository to your local configuration
ruckstack helm re-index Refreshes and re-indexes the local cache of available Helm charts

Defining the Service

Once you have found your service, you add a new service definition to your project.

  - id: postgresql
    chart: bitnami/postgresql
    version: 10.2.1

        tag: master

Required Fields

id Unique identifier for this service. Used as the default for filenames and internal descriptors. Must be lowercase alphanumeric (also allows “_” and “-“).
chart The repository and name of the chart in repository/name syntax.
version The version of the chart to use. Note: this is often different from the version of the application.

Optional Fields

parameters Chart-specific configuration parameters to use