Helm Services

A Helm based service allows you to use an existing Helm chart as a service.

Helm charts are pre-packaged images + configurations that let you start using standard components like databases or messaging systems right out of the box.

Finding a Helm Chart

The easiest way to find Helm charts is through hub.helm.sh/.

You can find thousands of charts across multiple different repositories. NOTE: when in doubt, use the “stable” repository.

Ruckstack Helm CLI

Ruckstack includes a simple client for searching for available charts through the ruckstack cli.

$> ruckstack helm search --chart mariadb 

Defining the Service

Once you have found your service, you add a new service definition to your project.

    - id: mariadb
      chart: stable/mariadb
      version: 7.3.9
      port: 3306   

Required Fields

id Unique identifier for this service. Used as the default for filenames and internal descriptors. Must be lowercase alphanumeric (also allows “_” and “-“).
chart The repository and name of the chart in repository/name syntax.
version The version of the chart to use. Note: this is often different from the version of the application.
port Internal port your service runs on. This port is not exposed externally.

Optional Fields

baseUrl Any server request that start with this url will be routed to your service
pathPrefixStrip If set to “true”, the URL your service sees will have the “baseUrl” portion of the URL removed.