Ruckstack v1.0.0 Released!

Welcome to Ruckstack 1.0!

I am very excited to announce the first stable release of Ruckstack – the “Modern Application Server”.

From the beginning, Ruckstack’s goal has been to provide way allow developers to leverage standard cloud tools and technologies to make on-prem installs easier and safer. It’s great to get version 1.0 out the door, but 1.0 is just the beginning…

What is In 1.0?

All the things we built before

For those of you that are new, in the lead up to 1.0, we implemented:

  • Single-file installer creation
  • Single-binary server management
  • Packaging dockerfile, helm, or custom services
  • Cluster support
  • Easy status and logs
  • And much more

Ruckstack Pro

Starting with 1.0, we are happy to announce support for Ruckstack Pro.

For $99/year per developer, you receive premium support. You will also receive many additional Pro-exclusive features in the months to come.

Or (of course) you can continue to use Ruckstack Starter as much as you like.

For more information, visit

Finalized Project Structure

We put the final touches on the project structure, including reorganizing the docker “http” section.

Support Direct Port Access

Sometimes, you are managing more than just HTTP. Starting with 1.0, you can expose any TCP services to your end users via the proxy project setting.

Improved “Secret” and Configmap support

Dockerfile-based services are now able to consume configmap and secret configurations via environment variables or files.

Both configmaps and secrets are also readable directly from the server’s CLI, although secrets require root access to read.

New Template Projects

We not only made a “real” project for example ruckstack init template, we also added a template that builds a stock Wordpress example project as well.

Improved Clustering

To simplify cluster management, we removed the distinction between “primary” and “secondary” servers. Now all your servers are equal members of the cluster.

Anonymous Analytics

We are always trying to improve Ruckstack, and seeing how people use the builder is an important part of that. To that end, we added a voluntary usage monitor to the builder CLI – never to the built server.


  • Improved local Helm repo management
  • Ensured all data is stored

What is next?

1.1.0, of course! We have lots of great functionality planned for the upcoming months.

Improve monitoring, dev mode, backup/restore, smaller installer files. The list goes on and on….

Issue List

The complete list of features added and issues resolved can be found at our github tracker

Getting Started

The Quick Start Guide is always a great place to start. Or just jump right into the downloads

Questions? Problems?

If you have feature suggestions or run into bugs, log them in the issue tracker or the discussion forum. Or, contact me directly at or @ruckstack on twitter