Ruckstack v0.10.0 Released

Hopefully the last release to go before 1.0! I could call this an RC, who’s counting?

The goal of this release is to wrap up the last remaining features.

Cleaner server shutdown

Kubernetes likes to keep everything running as much as possible. Even when the management server is down, the containers stay running. While that makes sense for datacenters, that isn’t the behavior of a “normal” server application.

Starting with 0.10.0, when you shut down the running server, it will not only ensure that it correctly marks the node as down, it will also shut down all containers on that instance and do all other cleanup needed so that the system is fully down.

There is also a new stop command which will shut down any running systems and/or perform cleanup as needed.

Improved SSL Management

Built systems no longer auto-generate signed certificates, but there are two new commands for managing https on your server:

  1. import will import key and certificate files and enable https on the server
  2. generate-key will create a new self-signed certificate as well as a signing request for it.

See the https docs for more information.

Shipping docker images from

While we will continue to ship images from our Github repository, we will also be uploading releases to

Docker hub will not include branch and development builds like the Github repository will. It will only include the production releases.

Container layer caching

Containers can be large and the step in the installer build process that compresses them can be a significant portion of the execution.

Since often times layers do not change, we now cache the compressed layers to your system to speed build time.

Renamed “new-project” command to “init”

Decided that “init” better matches other tools and/or expectations on what that command does.

Allow customization of the site-down page

By default, we show gears. Now you can customize it as you want. For more information, see the server customization docs

Upgraded K3s to 1.20

Making sure we’re starting out on the newest version. We also now use the embedded, HA-capable etcd database.

Issue List

The complete list of features added and issues resolved can be found at our github tracker

Getting Started

The Quick Start Guide is always a great place to start. Or just jump right into the downloads

Questions? Problems?

If you have feature suggestions or run into bugs, log them in the issue tracker or the discussion forum. Or, contact me directly at or @ruckstack on twitter