Ruckstack v0.7.0 Released

The focus for the 0.7.0 release was clustering support.

To add a new server to the cluster:

  1. Copy your installer to the new machine and run it.
  2. When asked if you want to join an existing cluster, say “Y”
  3. The installer will prompt you for a join token
  4. On the existing server, run system-control cluster add-node which will give you a token which you copy/paste into the new server’s install prompt
  5. Finish install and enjoy your new-found capacity!

For more information, see the clustering documentation

Issue List

The complete list of features added and issues resolved can be found at our github tracker

Getting Started

The Quick Start Guide is always a great place to start. Or just jump right into the downloads

Questions? Problems?

If you have feature suggestions or run into bugs, log them in the issue tracker. Or, email me at or message @ruckstack on twitter