Ruckstack v0.6.0 Released

The focus for the 0.6.0 release has been:

  1. Support for helm-based services
  2. Improved “Server ready” monitoring
  3. Bugfixes

Support for Helm-based services

The 0.5.0 release allowed for services to be defined as custom docker containers, but that requires you to create and configure those services. Part of what makes Kubernetes nice is the ecosystem of pre-built Helm packages that let you rapidly build up your infrastructure.

Version 0.6.0 adds a new “helm” type to the project so you can easily incorporate 3rd party services into your stack.

We also added commands to the Ruckstack CLI to search and find available charts.

Improved Server Ready monitoring

Ruckstack provides built in health metrics and service restarting, but there are still times your application is not quite ready to serve traffic. The front-end webserver tracks the state of your system and provides a friendly “starting” page when it is not ready. The code behind this has been improved and the logging has been cleaned up.

General Bugfixes

Surprise! There were bugs in the initial code release. I found some and squished them.

Issue List

The complete list of features added and issues resolved can be found at our github tracker

Getting Started

The Quick Start Guide is always a great place to start. Or just jump right into the downloads

Questions? Problems?

If you have feature suggestions or run into bugs, log them in the issue tracker. Or, email me at or message @ruckstack on twitter