Welcome to Ruckstack

I’ve spent a good portion of my life dealing with getting my software installed into other people’s environments and it is never easy.

Different technology stacks and patterns have come and gone over the years with varying levels of success, but they have all had their weaknesses.

AWS is a great solution to many of those problems, but unfortunately too many of my customers require the software to be installed on-prem and/or in Azure and/or on Google Cloud and/or on any number of other infrastructures for me to consistently deliver my software using any of those tools.

Some are technology-specific. Some require cloud-provider lock-in. Some are overly complex. Some are only half a solution.

On top of all that, there are always surprises in what else is installed on the server, network configurations, and other environmental problems.

Ruckstack is my attempt to solve that problem so YOU can focus on YOUR software and NOT your installation and management.